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Dr. Efsun Annac

Institut für Psychologie

Raum: 1.42.0
Emil-Abderhalden-Str. 26-27
06108 Halle (Saale)

Telefon: +49 (0)345 55 24380
Telefax: +49 (0)345 55 27060

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Dr. Efsun Annac
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg
Institut für Psychologie
06099 Halle (Saale)

Research Interests

  • Visual Attention
  • Memory Systems
  • Working memory and attention
  • Dual-task conditions


Kurcyus, K., Annac, E., Henning, N.M., Oeltzschner, G., Edden, E., & Riedl, V. (2018). Opposite dynamics of GABA and glutamate levels in the occipital cortex during visual processing. Journal of Neuroscience, 1214-18. doi:10.1523/JNEUROSCI.1214-18.2018   

Annac, E., Zang, X., Müller, H. J., & Geyer, T.  (2018). A secondary task is not always costly: Context‐based guidance of  visual search survives interference from a demanding working memory  task. British Journal of Psychology, doi:10.1111/bjop.12346   

Annac, E. (2017) Bi-directional relationship between  attention and long-term context memory, Ph.D. Thesis,  Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Annac, E., Conci, M, Müller, H. J., & Geyer, T. (2017). Local item density modulates adaptation of learned contextual cues, Journal of Visual Cognition: 1-16. doi:10.1080/13506285.2017.1339158   

Annac, E., Manginelli, A.A., Pollmann, S., Shi, Z., Müller, H. J., & Geyer, T. (2013) Memory under pressure: Secondary-task effects on contextual cueing of visual search, Journal of Vision,13(13):6, 1-15, doi:10.1167/13.13.6   

Annac, E., & Bahcekapili, H.G. (2012). Understanding and Acceptance of Evolutionary Theory among Turkish University Students, Dogus University Journal, 13(1), 1-11